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Wolfe  Home

  • Dale and Nancy have spent over 40 years opening their doors to youth who needed a loving, caring and family style placement.

  • Dale spent six years as a trainer & evaluator for the Teaching Family Association while researching delinquency and residential treatment.

  • Nancy has over ten years of casework experience as a supervisor, abuse investigator and parole release coordinator.

  • Their home is nestled in the middle of ten acres of wooded property in Delta, Ohio.

  • Dale and Nancy are committed to establishing long term, caring relationships with youth entrusted to their care; their door is always open!

  • Dale and Nancy were recognized by Wood County for their hard work and dedication with their youth.

Wolfe Family Photo

Contact Info

For referrals please contact 419-214-3650 or

Home Phone: (419) 822-4304
Dale's Cell Phone: (419) 356-7628
​Nancy's Cell Phone:  (419) 349-5741
Fax: (419) 822-3935
Population: Male
Ages: 8-21
Location: Delta, OH

County: Fulton

  • They provide a comfortable home that welcomes family members to participate in their child’s recovery.

  • Thanksgiving dinner usually means multiple tables to accommodate returning youth (often accompanied by their family).

  • Youth are encouraged to develop vocational and life skills with ample opportunities for technical training and employment.

  • Nancy Wolfe, LSW is under the supervision of Nicole Bolduc, LISW-S, I-1901415-SUPV.

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