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Stuber  Home

  • Tom and Jan Stuber have over twenty-eight years full-time experience working in their home with adolescent boys in need of specialized care.  Tom and Jan are trained in the teaching-Family model and have gained a reputation for sticking with youth through challenging times.

  • Jan develops individualized tutorial programs as well as independent living curriculum for each youth to help them achieve academically and prepare for emancipation.

  • The Stuber’s live in a small rural suburb in the Anthony Wayne school district.  Their home is in the Penta Career center catchment area for youth interested in vocational education.

  • Tom and Jan participate in many recreational activities with the boys including biking, hiking, camping, the YMCA and swimming at a local pool.

Stuber Family Photo

Contact Info

For referrals please contact 419-214-3650 or

Home Phone: (419) 877-0895
Tom's Cell Phone: (419) 356-4153
​Jan's Cell Phone: ​(419) 356-1397
Population: Male
Ages: 8-21
Location: Monclova, OH

County: Lucas

  • Family activities include:

    • Camping

    • Backpacking in New Hampshire

    • Day hikes and running in area parks

    • Biking & Swimming

  • The Stuber home welcomes family participation, offering a safe, comfortable place for youth to reconnect with their families.

  • They are active participants in their local school district, supporting school sport programs and other organized youth activities.

  • Jan Stuber, SWA is under the supervision of Nicole Bolduc, LISW-S, I-1901415-SUPV.

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