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Our Homes

Admission provided to youth who are under the age of 18 with a history of behavioral or emotional problems may remain in care past typical 18 years of age or typical youth graduation age if they have special needs.

Current Openings




Population Served

Wolfe Home

Dale and Nancy Wolfe

(419) 822-4304


Males 8-21

TRU Minds

Angel Johnson

(567) 214-4425 


Males 8-21

Females 8-21

Second Wind

Steve & Pauline Harvey

(419) 402-4225


Males 8-21

Females 8-21

Stuber Home

Tom and Jan Stuber

(419) 877-0895


Males 8-21

For more information regarding placement openings, contact:

Referral Line: (419) 214-3650

For those times when Community Teaching Homes, Inc. does not have an opening

to meet the youths needs, another option can be found on the Ohio Children's Alliance website at

CTH is NOT able to serve youth who are actively a danger to self or others (youth needing psychiatric stabilization, active fire setters, etc.)

CTH will consider all youth for placement on a case by case basis once immediate safety issues are resolved.

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