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Second Wind

  • The Second Wind Home is currently being managed by Pauline & Steve Harvey.

  • The Harvey's provide programming and treatment modalities that allow the youth to find their inner passion and encourage self-discovery.

  • The family loves to do crafts, engage in outdoor activities, play games, listen to music and travel.

  • Committed to continue their work and passion as they believe that with the right support, youth can be anything they want to be in life.

  • The family encourages the youth to embrace their inner strength and beauty to build their self-esteem and develop into wonderful people.

Harvey Family Photo

Contact Info

For referrals please contact 419-214-3650 or

Home Phone: (419) 402-4108

Steve's Phone: (419) 680-2400

Pauline's Phone: (419) 680-9784
Population: Co-Ed

Ages: 8-21
Location: Swanton, OH

County: Fulton

  • Nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood within the village of Swanton, sits the colonial style 6
    bedroom home with a beautifully landscaped lot.

  • The home is within walking distance of schools, churches, shopping & community resources.

  • Employment opportunities are readily available and supported through daily teaching to life skills

  • Family participation to achieve reunification is encouraged and supported through regular contact and consultation.

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