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Johnson  Home

  • Greg and Gail have worked diligently with CTH and officially opened their home to youth in 2022.

  • The Johnson's have 7 adult children that have grown into amazing adults and serve the community.

  • The family likes to volunteer in the community and is very involved in their church by helping at the local food pantry, raising funds for homelessness, elderly and addiction services.

  • Greg enjoys hunting, camping, fishing and playing basketball.

  • Gail likes to volunteer for those in need, provide event decorations and mentoring others.

  • The family believes that every youth is born on purpose and for a purpose. They are passionate to help youth find their purpose in life under their guidance.

Johnson Family Photo

Contact Info

For referrals please contact 419-214-3650 or

Home Phone: (567) 712-2243
Greg's Cell Phone: (419) 236-4291
​Gail's Cell Phone:  (419) 236-9291
Fax: (567) 712-2243
Population: Male
Ages: 8-21
Location: Lima, OH

County: Allen

  • The Johnson home is situated on 10 acres of land in the pristine Shawnee area with plenty of room for youth to play and indulge in a host of outdoor activities such as basketball (on a full court), fishing in the pond and swimming in the pool.

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