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Hayden Home (Harvey  Home)

The Hayden home, formerly Harvey home, is led by Mike Hayden who comes to Community Teaching Homes with 39 years of experience in the areas of Corporate Accounting and Finance, Teaching at the College level, and Social Service Management. Michael has experience working directly with youth and families as a successful mentor and in assisting families. During mentoring he assisted families with challenges involving in personal growth and development, which has been recognized by awards for effectiveness in this work. As a Director of Community Impact for a major social service agency, he assisted in the design of and led the funding processes for a wide variety of programming which sought to enable self-sufficiency and growth for individuals and families. The Hayden home aims to encourage the discovery and meeting of the potentials found in all youth who reside here.


The Hayden Home is governed by the belief that in the long-term, we derive a considerable part of our personal value from what we contribute to life and that what we bring to life must first be taught, learned and realized, after which life can open up as we see our place in this world and the contribution that only we can make. Life gains meaning and purpose when youth (and all of us) discover this!

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Contact Info

For referrals please contact 419-214-3650 or

Home Phone: (567) 214-4334
Mike's Cell Phone: (419) 371-4182
Fax: (567) 275-8373
Population: Male
Ages: 8-21
Location: Clyde, OH

County: Sandusky

  • This cozy 5-bedroom home is located on acreage in Clyde Ohio.

  • This home is a great example of how it can bring life, energy and joy into any adventure which brightens the lives of youth.

  • Mike, along with help from Cindy and Kevin, are committed to continue their work and passion, as they believe that with the right support, youth can be anything they want to be in life.

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